Expected Features Of iOS 10.3 | Find My AirPods Feature

Expected Features of iOS 10.3: Apple released the Beta version for iOS 10.3 on Tuesday for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Beta is nothing but the developer version which is just tested before the official release which is nothing but the availability would be restricted to iOS developers for now.

Expected Features for iOS 10.3:

  • Software Features For AirPods
  • Improved Siri Functionality
  • Improved 3D Touch
  • Improved CarPlay Functionality
  • Apple File System

An interesting Feature Find my AirPods has been added to Find my iPhone app. Siri now learns cricket scores from Indian Premier League and International Cricket Council. Reduced Motion preference in web apps is now supported by safari. One more feature is added into the settings app New prominent user security section, iOS 10.3 Now uses the Apfs ( Apple File System) . 3D Touch Forecast is now available in maps now for the weather data. CarPlay also gains quick access to albums from songs in Music, new Up Next screen, a widget like music app is now available in podcasts app. No “Theater Mode” or Control Center toggle on iOS 10.3, but Apple documentation says watchOS update will include which may activate on iPhone. Latest feature for CarPlay now has quick access to last three used apps for quick switching without accessing the Home screen.

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