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Google Allo Features and It’s Review

Allo is the Google’s first messaging App for Both Android and iOS.  It has the Google Assistant built in and it’s rolling out today. Allo is the messaging app which makes the conversation very easier. It’s based on the mobile number and google account. We can’t use Allo with the same number of two different devices. Allo allows you to send pictures, voice message, text different style of emoji’s and another interesting feature is that you can edit the picture with some text and you can send it. You can also make the text size larger and smaller to convey your emotion. Most of the users are using allow to send messages instead of using WhatsApp, iMessage. Allo has different emoji styles which you don’t find in other apps.

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Where Can I Find Allo?

Click Here To Install Google ALLO


How To Set Up Allo?

This video describes  how to set up Allo with you google account and mobile number.

How Does Allo Works?

Let’s Take an Example:  I needed to get some information about the weather, so I opened the Assistant chat string and said: “what’s the climate like today?” Google responded me saying that  “Don’t forget a raincoat”, and it gives the weather report with the location that you want.For Suppose if  your friend sends you a picture of tacos, you can view some suggestions saying like “yummy” or “I love tacos.” This kind of suggestions makes your chat very easy. Without typing the message just by clicking the suggestion you can send the message. Google helps you to discover data, complete things and have a fabulous time. Allo gives a chance to bring things like search, maps, youtube and translate to every one of your discussions. So that you and your companions can utilize google together. What’s more, since it comprehends characteristic dialect designs, you can simply talk about yourself and it’ll comprehend what you’re stating. For instance, “Is my flight delayed?” will return data about your flight status. Protection and security are critical in informing, so following in the strides of Chrome, google made Incognito mode in Allo. Talks in Incognito mode will have end-to-end encryption and prudent warnings, and we’ll keep on adding new components to this mode.


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