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Nikon’s KeyMission 360 VR Action Camera Features And It’s Review

Nikon may have expert photographers taken care of with its line of DSLRs, however, the simple to use market has everything except vanished, leaving afterward activity cams from GoPro and others. This year at Photokina, it’s flaunting the KeyMission range, which highlights the life-logging KeyMission 80, the GoPro-aping KeyMission 170 and, most curiously, the VR video-creating KeyMission 360. We investigated the last mentioned, despite the fact that our experience was kept to looking and feeling our way around the gadget, and observing some specimen footage.

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The KeyMission 360 feels professional. Nikon’s clearly gained from other activity camera producers that there ought to be as few stages between grabbing the KeyMission and beginning a shoot. This is an austere gadget. The camera’s two biggest countenances are commanded by all inclusive edge focal points, behind which sit 20-megapixel 1/2.3-inch sensors, equipped for catching footage in 4K. The highest point of the camera is overwhelmed by a record catch, furthermore, has a low battery pointer. One side of the gadget includes a catch for burning through modes, while the other is a fold that conceals space for a swappable battery and memory card. Nikon says the KeyMission is shockproof up to 2m (6.5 feet) and waterproof down to 30m (barely short of 100 feet), and it’s additionally going to offer silicone cases to assist ruggedize the camera.

That example footage, incidentally, looked incredible, particularly on the 4K shows at Nikon’s stall. We additionally looked at footage in an in fact low-quality VR headset, keeping in mind that wasn’t an extraordinary aide for loyalty, it showed us that Nikon’s calculation for sewing is entirely damn great.

In around 10 minutes of footage, I saw one terrible “tear” – a line where the yield of the KeyMission’s two cameras didn’t get together and it extremely affected the experience (in case you’re confounded regarding what I’m discussing, go glance around on Google StreetView). There wasn’t much in the method for twisting, and the yield is additionally completely circular – the extremely base and top of the scene can be somewhat darkened, yet not by much.

So early signs appear to be great – they better be for the KeyMission 360’s MSRP of $500 – yet we’ll need to put it through its paces legitimately when it arrives this October.

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