TOP 10 Hidden Features Of iOS 10

Here is the list of top 10 hidden features of iOS 10 

  • Bed time mode:  You can find bedtime mode in clock application. This is a very nice feature which helps you to track your sleep and informs you to go to bed with an alarm and a notification before 15 minutes to the bedtime. You can customise with your timings so that it informs you to do the activity in time which keeps you fit and healthy. It also gives the sleep analysis of the week. If you don’t want to be on weekends you can select the standard weekdays. You can also set the wake-up sound, this is really a nice way to monitor you sleep.


  • Lock Screen: This feature allows you to revert your lock screen back to the way it was before when you simply had to press to unlock your phone using touch id, currently with new iOS10 you can swipe around and get into the widgets. you have to fully press to open, now to can switch it back to the standard by going to general>accessibility>home button>rest finger to open and that’s the standard touch id we use to have.


  • Showing Car Park Location: Ability for the apple maps to remember where you parked your car. It automatically remembers and tells you when you realise you needed. You need to set up for this you need to go  to settings>maps>show parked location. This gonna show you the parked location of the car as long as its connected to the Bluetooth or car play stereo, that way you will be able to find your car location when you are going to find the spot.


  • Force Touch: You already know that you can use force touch to access quick link applications on your phone but this time iOS10 allows you to use the forced touch on the flashlight, timer and more.


  • Voice Mail: iOS10 allows you to read all the voice mail transcripts whenever you receive a voice mail.


  • Siri:   Ability to have Siri announce who is calling you whenever someone calls. Go to  settings>phone>announce calls>You will able to see four options click the one you like eg:always.


  • ClearNotifications: This is a really quick one to clear all the notifications, to get rid all of them once all you have to do is touch on the x button and click clear notification.


  • iMessage Tap Back:  The is a really cool feature, if you double tap on the message on the comment you want to or respond to  you are able to love the comment like, dislike say haha or you can question mark. This actually helps in the group, you can also add screen effects to the text, type the message and force touch on the send button you will be able to send the message with the effects something like balloons, laser, fireworks,stars.


  • Chat: Apple is also taking on snap chat with new markup feature It allows you to send  an image that you can draw on scribble on the image directly from the iMessage  take a picture and go into  that picture and just by hitting  markup you can draw whatever you want. You can quickly write notes just by turning your screen, you can also choose a pre-written word and click send.


  • Magnify:Ability to magnify at whatever you are looking at, go to Settings>General>Accessibility>Magnifier(On) whenever you triple-click the home button you can magnify by two times at whatever you are looking for very high quality.

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